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Detailed description

1298 Liquid Hardener - unique Hexion liquid hardener system from Hallmark Fraulo Ltd supplied as a thick beige liquid. Ideally suited for use on more difficult decorative veneers (i.e. burrs, curls) where the structure of the veneers require a low & slow system, allowing the more delicate veneers to be pressed at a lower temperature (50-60C) for a longer press cycle & once released from pressure, will allow 'normalising' of veneers before the finally curing within an short period of time. This allows veneers to settle down, as the heat builds up stresses, which can lead to splits & cracks appearing within veneer matrix. 

Suitable as an all-round liquid hardener system for standard flat lamination processes, offering many benefits including high intial tack, holding larger veneers to panels prior to pressing.

Mixing Ratio

  • 100 Parts Resin: 40 Parts Hardener


  • 12 months @ 20C


Suited for

  • Veneering
  • Laminating