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Detailed description

BAM 1694 has been formulated as a low viscosity edgebanding hot melt that can be applied at a lower temperature operating range (i.e. 160 -180C). Suitable for use with manual or hand-held edgebanding applicators.


  • Synthetic polymer based hotmelt.
  • 40100cPs viscosity value at 160C.
  • Softening point @ 93C.
  • Application temperature between 160-180C.
  • Long open time.
  • High molten tack.
  • Natural colour.
  • Prills.

Storage - store in clean dry place between 5 - 30C in sealed container kept closed. 2 year storage life.

Cleaning & Maintenance - use BAMSOLVE cleaner for general maintenance of rollers & machinery parts. For preventative maintenance, user ACMOS 100-5030 release agent to help minimise adherence on pressure rollers, conveyor belts, etc.

Health & Safety - read relevant Material Safety Data sheets carefully before use.

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Suited for

  • Edgebanding