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1748 siarexx fine

1748 siarexx fine

Detailed description

Developed for manual intermediate sanding and finishing of varnished & lacquered surfaces. Also available in foam-backed siasoft format for use with contoured & curved surfaces (see 1748 siasoft)


  • Very good results with intermediate sanding applications.
  • Low clogging properties.
  • Suitable for use with manual sanding or machine applications.
  • Quick, efficient change of abrasives with the siafast hook & loop fastening system.
  • Flexible and conformable.


  • Medium rate of cut, suitable for intermediate sanding applications
  • Keying of primers & fillers.
  • Fine sanding of profiles and contours.
  • Foam-backed version adapts to contours & curves, preventing sanding through of edges & profiles.
  • Available in disc, sheet or strip format to suit end user requirements


Technical specification


  • Silicon carbide grit.
  • Electrostatic open coat.
  • Synthetic resin bonding.
  • A Weight paper backing.
  • Stearate special coating.
  • Grit range from P150 - P400


  • Medium removal rate.
  • Very flexible.
  • Very good, consistent surface finish.
  • Low clogging properties due to special stearate coating..

Suited for

  • Intermediate Sanding
  • Keying Painted Surfaces
  • Machine Sanding