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1950 siaspeed

1950 siaspeed

Detailed description

1950 siaspeed is a versatile all-round product designed for significantly better removal rates - provides consistent results even in the most demanding of sanding applications & is suitable for use on primers, fillers, painted & lacquered surfaces where durability, maximum service life & consistency is required. Can be used successfully on solid surface & composite materials, as well as metal surfaces (i.e. stainless steel, aluminium).


  • high-performance sanding mineral ensures very high removal rate & long life.
  • new stearate concept reduces clogging.
  • consistent uniform finish.
  • low clogging properties.
  • Grit Range P40 - P600


  • sanding of filler compounds, polyester, GRP & man-made composites.
  • shaping of primer fillers (automotive).
  • producing a matt finish on lacquers.
  • smoothing of transitions, sanding of rust spots & stone chips.
  • keying of new parts & factory primers.
  • Blending of solid surface panel joints.
  • suitable for use on steel & aluminium surfaces.

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Technical specification

125mm 1950 siaspeed

P40 - P600 Plain (No Hole) - Part No.6783.7705.****

150mm 1950 siaspeed

P40 - P600 Plain (No Hole) - Part No.7332.0040.****

P40 - P600 7 Hole - Part No.8438.1710.****

P40 - P600 15 Hole - Part No.7546.2948.****

P40 - P600 17 Hole Multi Jet Stream - Part No.1866.3684.****


Suited for

  • Intermediate Sanding
  • Finishing
  • Keying Painted Surfaces