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1960 siarexx cut

1960 siarexx cut

Detailed description

1960 siarexx cut is the ideal combination of surface quality and stock removal on wood, lacquer, paint, primer and fillers. A universal product range covering a wide range of applications. This is one of our best sellers and provides a versatile and adaptable system suitable for many applications.


  • suitable for universal use and a wide range of applications.
  • for manual & machine use.
  • low clogging.
  • versatile, adaptable & durable.
  • fast and safe change of abrasive with the siafast hook and loop fastening system.


  • keying and sanding off painted and varnished surfaces.
  • sanding of solid wood and veneered surfaces.
  • keying & fine sanding of primers and fillers.
  • intermediate sanding of varnish on surfaces and curves.
  • available in many formats including rolls, plain sheets, delta sheets, polygon sheets, discs & strips.
  • sanding after wetting.


  • Discs 125mm 150mm 203mm
  • Strips 70 x 125
  • Sheets 230 x 280mm
  • Sheets 115 x 228/230/
  • Rolls 115 x 50m

Technical specification


  • aluminium oxide grit.
  • electrostatic open coating.
  • synthetic resin bonding.
  • c & b weight paper backing.
  • stearate special coating.
  • grit range from P40 - P600 (excluding P050).
  • Disc Format Plain, 6 Hole, 8+1 Hole (Festo).
  • Strip Formats Plain or 10 Hole.


  • high removal rate.
  • varying stability of surface according to grit range.
  • provides a good surface finish.
  • low clogging values due to special sterate coating.
  • Available in plain or siafast velcro formats.

Suited for

  • Machine Sanding
  • Hand Sanding
  • Intermediate Sanding
  • Keying Painted Surfaces
  • Sanding Solid Wood
  • Sanding Veneered Surfaces