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Detailed description

Hallmark 2782 is an exceptionally fast setting woodworking PVA suitable for general assembly of frames, carcasses & solid wood lippings, where a rapid set is required. 2782 bonds a wide variety of sawn & plain woods, including all synthetic & naturally derived panel stocks except cement/silicate boards. Ideal for a fast production output & allows removal from clamps with a 10 minute period. Once removed it is recommended to stack panels for a period of 1 hour before further handling. 2782 is suitable for all interior applications meeting EN204 D2 specification where occasional short-term exposure to high humidity occurs.


  • Ultra Fast Setting with 5-10 minutes @ 20C.
  • Interior use only.
  • Not suitable for exterior applications.
  • Meets EN204 D2 Specification.
  • pH value 4.6
  • 63% Solid Content
  • Viscosity 114 Poise .
  • Colour - White
  • Dries clear.
  • Shelf life - 6 months in sealed container.
  • Do not allow to freeze.
  • Wash down with warm water.

Available in 5kg or 28kg Packs

Suited for

  • Carcass Assembly
  • Internal Joinery
  • Solid Wood Lipping