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Abranet Heavy-Duty

Abranet Heavy-Duty

Detailed description

Mirka ABRANET HEAVY-DUTY (HD) has been specifically developed to tackle the most demanding surface conditioning & repair applications. Abranet HD uses a nylon mesh backing material to create a more consistent abrasive surface. As a result, Abranet HD produces a more consistent surface finish more quickly & because it also has excellent resistance to edge wear & clogging, it lasts longer too!


  • Resists clogging.
  • Long lasting performance in use.
  • Optimum performance in both wet or dry applications.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Retains high performance sanding properties in use.
  • Outstanding performance in high demanding applications.

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Technical specification

Mirka Abranet HD

  • Special Aluminium Oxide Grain.
  • Resin over Resin Bond.
  • Nylon Mesh Backing.
  • Semi-Open Coat.
  • Colour - Brownish
  • Grit Range P40 - P180
  • Available in disc & roll formats.

Suited for

  • Hand Sanding
  • Machine Sanding
  • Sanding Solid Wood
  • Sanding solid wood floors