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Acmos 1124B

Acmos 1124B

Detailed description

ACMOS 1124B is a preventative release agent paste for pressing veneered surfaces with the use of urea formaldehyde & melamine resin adhesives. Does not contain oils or silicones. Designed to protect the the surfaces of press platens & veneered surfaces do not adhere to the press plates - any residual adhesive can be removed easily without damaging the platen surfaces. Can be used on cold & heated platen presses.


Apply a thin coating of ACMOS 1124B paste using a cloth or wooden felt drawbar to both top & bottom plates. Can be applied cold or hot surfaces - it is ideal to apply paste on a heated surface as this helps produce a dense, cured resistant protective film. Re-apply on a regular basis depending on production use, etc to help prevent further adhesive adherence to platens.

ACMOS 1124B-FL sprayable version available for awkward, hard to reach areas.

Available in 12 x 1kg, 5kg, 20kg &  180kg non-returnable containers.


Suited for

  • Platen Release Agent