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Apollo A2344

Apollo A2344

Detailed description

Apollo A2344 is a readily brushable, fast drying, high performance contact adhesive. Although specifically designed for automotive trim bonding applications where high heat resistance is required, it is a versatile product & can be used for the bonding of decorative laminates to wood & wood compsites, the bonding of insulation materials to metal & for bonding miscellaneous rubber & plastics both to each other and to other substrates.

In the automotive industry it is used for bonding PVC leather cloth, leather & fabrics to painted or primed steel & to polyurethane foam for bonding rubber door seals & for bonding sound deadening materials to door, roof, bonnet & boot panels. In commercial vehicles, it can be used for bonding rubber or carpet type flooring materials & also decorative laminates. A2344 has a considerably higher heat resistance than normal single-part contact adhesives without the excessively short open time, which is usually associated with higher performance products.


Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry & free from grease, oils & other contaminants. The adhesive should be applied uniformly to both surfaces to be bonded either with a stiff brush or notched spreader. When surfaces become tacky to the touch (use knuckle area) ensure they are aligned correctly then bring the surfaces together, consolidating under firm pressure to provide overall coalescence of the adhesive film.

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Technical specification

Technical Data

  •  Polychloroprene base.
  • 30% solids.
  • 4000 cps viscosity.
  • Amber colour.
  • 2 - 15 minutes tack life.
  • 6 sq metre per litre coverage.
  • Clean with Solvent No.1 Toluene.
  • 12 months shelf life.
  • Store between 5 - 20C.

Not suitable for bonding polystyrene foams, polyethylene or unbacked, plasticised PVC. Sprayable versions of this product are available, where large areas need to be bonded (i.e. A3416). A2344 has been specially quality tested to a prestige motor manufacturers specification.



Suited for

  • Laminating