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Apollo A28

Apollo A28

Detailed description

Apollo A.28 is a light coloured, multipurpose, high performance contact adhesive cement giving a long tack life. It was initially developed for bonding 'Formica' & other laminated plastics & rigid or flexible decorative surface coverings to table tops, counters & most horizontal & vertical surfaces.

A.28 is also ideally suited to making permanent contact bonds between the following materials: rigid PVC sheet, polyurethane foams, supported PVC, leather, polyester glass fibre, rubber sheet & extrusions; all of which may be bonded to each other or the hardboard, chipboard, plywood & painted or unpainted metal.

It is well proven & established in a wide cross-section of industries such as automotive & coach-building, boat building, shop & bar fitting trades, the furniture & leather goods industries, where it is used to bond a wide variety of materials. A28 is easily applied by serrated scraper or brush, gives a secure & lasting bond & is clean & economical to use.


Ensure that the materials to be bonded are clean, dry & free from dust, loose materials, oil or grease. All substrates must be at an ambient room temperature. Bonds can be made by the following techniques:

Two-way dry stick - even film of adhesive is applied to both surfaces using a serrated scraper or brush. When surfaces are 'touch-dry' (no adhesive transfer to knuckles) align the materials correctly & bond the material under firm pressure to ensure that complete coalescence of the two adhesive layers is achieved. Idealy use a nip roller of hand-held solid rubber roller to obtain best results. Full bond strength achieved after 1-2 days.

Two-way semi-wet stick - adhesive applied to one surface & allowed to dry completely. The other surface is then coated & the bond made whilst solvent is still present in the adhesive film. Use this technique when one of the components is porous.

Heat reactivation - both surfaces are coated & allowed to dry completely. They are then placed under infra red lamps until temperature reaches 70C then brought into contact.

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Technical specification

Technical Data

  • Polychloroprene base.
  • 25 -29% solids.
  • 4000 - 5000 cps @ 20C viscosity.
  • Light Brown colour.
  • 10 - 45 minutes tack life.
  • 4.5m per litre coverage.
  • Clean with Solvent No.1 Toluene
  • Shelf Life 12 months.
  • Store between 5 - 20C.
  • Applied by brush or serrated spreader.

Special Comments

  • Do not use on unbacked PVC without testing for plasticiser migration.

As well as the Hand-held Klebo Contact Spreader available for efficient surface spreader of contact adhesives, we are able to supply steel serrated comb spreaders (fine or coarse toothed), hand-held laminate rubber rollers (125mm width) to ensure you have the right equipment for the job! More details on request from our Sales Department.

Suited for

  • Laminating