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Apollo A26

Apollo A26

Detailed description

Apollo A26 is a brushable contact adhesive suitable for a range of internal and external applications. It is used extensivley by both professional & DIY enthusiasts for general purpose bonding, shop fitting, kitchen fitting and general repairs.

Extremely versatile and is ideally suited to bonding decorative laminates to wood composites due to its excellent heat-resistant properties. It will bond all grades of timber and most plastics (recommended to test compatibility before use). A26 is also suitable for use with hard furnishings, cotton-backed vinyl and metals. Due to its high heat resistance, A26 is ideal for car interior trimming applications.

High initial bond-strength and long open tack-time - allows immediate handling of joined substrates, whilst its long open tack-time of up to 20 minutes provided flexibility to laying up substrates. A26 has a high viscosity allowing easy application by brush or scraper.


  • no mixing
  • weather-proof bond
  • 100% solvent-free
  • gap-filling
  • non-drip formulation
  • 5-20 minute open time - flexible

Packs - available in 5 litre & 1 litre packs

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Technical specification

Technical Data

  • Polychloroprene base.
  • 25 -29% solids.
  • 6000 cps @ 20C viscosity.
  • Neutral
  • 5-20 minutes tack life.
  • 4.5m per litre coverage.
  • Clean with Solvent No.1 Toluene
  • Shelf Life 12 months.
  • Store between 5 - 20C.
  • Applied by brush or serrated spreader.

Special Comments

  • Do not use on unbacked PVC without testing for plasticiser migration.

As well as the Hand-held Klebo Contact Spreader available for efficient surface spreader of contact adhesives, we are able to supply steel serrated comb spreaders (fine or coarse toothed), hand-held laminate rubber rollers (125mm width) to ensure you have the right equipment for the job! More details on request from our Sales Department.

Suited for

  • Laminating
  • Car Interior Trimming