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Apollo Solvent Cleaners

Detailed description

Apollo Solvents 1 - 9 are designed for cleansing of spray equipment such as guns, pumps, lines, brushes, spreaders, roller coaters & other dispensing equipment which has been utilised for the application of the Apollo range of adhesives. They may also be used to clean metal, rubber or plastic surfaces which are contaminated with grease, release agents, etc.

Unless otherwise specified, they should not be used as thinners since Apollo adhesives are supplied at the correct viscosity for the designated method of application. Although the range of solvent products is extensive, please find below the main solvents Hallmark Fraulo Ltd supply & stock to our customers:


Solvent No.1 - Toluene-based solvent cleaner used extensively in surface preparation (i.e metals, rubber) prior to bonding with a range of adhesive systems including contacts, PUR's, etc. Can also be used to reduce the viscosity of contact adhesives. It is an aromatic-hydrocarbon solvent blend, highly flammable with a flash point of 4C.

Solvent No.4 - Acetone-based solvent cleaner used for preparation of many surfaces - less 'aggresive' on surfaces than toluene but otherwise effective in removing surface contaminants prior to bonding. Ideally suited for use on metal surfaces & oily hardwood surfaces (i.e, teaks, iroko) to remove residues. It is a ketonic blend, highly flammable & has a flash point between -18C to 0C.

Solvent No.6 - It is a ketone/chlorinated blend (dichloromethane/MEK) which is classed as non-flammable having a flash point above 32C.

Solvent No.9 - Dichloromethane-based solvent adhesive & cleaning agent.


Technical specification

Technical Data

  • Please ensure you read relevant MSDS data for each product prior to use.
  • Store containers as recommended in MSDS.
  • Highly flammable solvents - avoid sources of ignition.
  • Use in well ventilated areas including non-flammable types.
  • Unlimited Shelf LIfe.
  • Always test surfaces prior to full production to ensure suitability.


Suited for

  • Surface Cleaner
  • Surface Preparation