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Detailed description

BAMSOLVE hotmelt adhesive cleaning agent may be used to remove hotmelt which has splashed or spilt onto machinery, metal surfaces, ceramics, glass, wood and most other surfaces but it can attack plastics. BAMSOLVE may be used for cleaning parts of machines (i.e. nozzles, filters, spray heads).


  • Colourless liquid.
  • 46C Flash Point.
  • Autoignition >200C.
  • 0.838 specific gravity.
  • Not miscible in water.

Method of Use

BAMSOLVE must always be used undiluted and cold. It can be sprayed or wiped onto the surface to be cleaned, allowing time to soak if there is a thick film. BAMSOLVE can be used for soaking inaccessible machine parts where contamination by adhesive or carbon has occured. It may be recovered after use by filtering through a fine mesh.

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Technical specification


Store in original container with lid tightly closed. Store away from sources of ignition. Store away from foodstuffs.


5 litre plastic bottles with handle & screw lid.