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Packaging Vinyl Tape

Packaging Vinyl Tape

Detailed description

The Prima range of PVC packaging tapes have excellent plasticity and rigidity. Suitable for all purposes, the thick layer of adhesive gives this tape a high tack quality. Although strong, it can be torn by hand as well as dispenser, and in this way is favoured especially for use on irregular surfaces; as such it is the preferred tape for the removal and furniture industries amongst others.

Slow release & therefore quiet in use, it performs most favourably in warm, ambient temperatures. With it solvent adhesive, this product sits at the top of the quality range of general purpose packaging tapes.

Available Width

  • 50mm x 36 rolls
  • Smaller packs (x6) available on request,

If you require 50mm Clear or White packaging tape, please enquire with our Sales Office for further assistance on availability.

50mm Hand-held Tape Dispensers available - enquire with our Sales Office.

Technical specification

Adhesive: Natural rubber, hydro-carbonic and natural resins, pigments, plasticizers and anti-oxidants.

Base Colours: White, Brown, Clear

Temperature and Humidity

  • The optimum temperature range for the storage of vinyl tapes is 15-25°C
  • If the storage temperature drops below 10°C, bring the tape back to above 15° before use
  • Tapes should not be stored near heat sources nor in areas of high humidity, particularly where salinity is evident.
  • Humidity should not exceed 65%


  • Vinyl tapes should be stored in their original packaging and not loose
  • Light, particularly ultra-violet rays, cause deterioration of adhesiveness


  • Tapes in their original packaging should be stored on shelves, not on the ground.
  • Cartons should be stacked vertically to avoid roll deformation.
  • Storage should not exceed 6 months; programmed warehouse rotation is recommended.

Suited for

  • Packaging