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Camberwell 75

Camberwell 75

Detailed description

Model Packer 3 Manual Tape Dispenser

The Camberwell 75 bench-mounted manual tape dispenser is a heavy-duty unit suitable for dispensing reinforced or non-reinforced water activated tapes. As part of our veneering range of products it provides customer with a highly durable & long lasting tape dispenser that will last years! Use with our range of veneer tapes, it provides a rapid & economical method of dispensing tape allowing efficient jointing of veneers prior to bonding lay-ons, etc.


  • Has an exclusive subway feed for improved performance.
  • Use reinforced or non-reinforced water activated tapes.
  • For single or multiple rolls.
  • Tape width from 1" to 3".
  • Can be used with gummed-in or gummed-out tapes.
  • If using gummed-out tape, do not use subway feed.

Directions for Use

  • Wash brush with soapy water prior to use.
  • Fill tank with water about 3/4 full & replace brush.
  • Load tape (see technical section) as per instructions.
  • Pull a short piece of tape through & across moisten brush.
  • Draw tape across brush to moisten fully & tear off as required.


Technical specification

Loading Tape

  • Unroll about 15 inches of tape.
  • Place tape in cradle ensuring tape divider (provided) is in proper position to fit width of tape.
  • Insert tape-end in back of two rollers pushing tape through the underside of the dispenser until end comes out in front of tape cradle.
  • Thread the tape-end between the knife & bridge and out over the brush.
  • For two rolls - adjust the divider accordingly by lifting from front slot & position in desired slot according to roll widths.


  • Keep tank about 2/3 thirds full at all times for best moistening of tape.
  • Clean brush with soap & water once a week or as required.
  • Remove cutting knife & bridge plate weekly to ensure surfaces are kept free from residual glue.
  • Periodically lubricate rolling bearing to ensure smooth & efficient operation.
  • The tank is easy to remove for cleaning - unsnap bridge plate & cutter knife at sides & remove lifting tank away from main body. The re-assemble hook tank onto main body & snap on bridge plate & knife together.

With good housekeeping the Camberwell 75 will last you many years. Spare parts are available from stock, as required.

Suited for

  • Veneering