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Ceros Electric Sander

Ceros Electric Sander

Detailed description

CEROS (Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander)

In line with our aim to provide customers with access to total sanding solutions, Hallmark Fraulo are pleased to present the new compact electric random orbital sander developed by Mirka Abrasives. Its unique design means that it offers superior versatility & performance in a compact, lightweight package. It is ideal for a multitude of dust-free sanding & polishing tasks from timber, filler & gel coats to automotive finishes.

Electrical power sources are generally more available & convenient than the compressed air alternative - this combined with the remarkably small & unique electric motor, enables the compactness of an air tool providing a clear benefit to the end user. Transformer can be connected via 110V or 240V lead to suit production requirements.

 The optimized ergonomics ensure that it is comfortable to grip, while the low profile design & very light weight construction allow for easier maneurability & greater control over the end finish.

 It requires no special pads and is compatible with Mirka's regular 125mm & 150mm back-ups pads. The ultra reliable hermetic brushless motor is powerful enough to maintain a constant speed under load. It is quiet when in use and is economical to run. It has few wearing components so the need for maintenance is minimized whilst its life span is maximized.


  • Wood finishing.
  • Automotive.
  • Solid Surface.
  • Composites.
  • Gel Coats


When it's MIrka, great things really do come in compact packages!

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Technical specification

Technical Specification

Power - 400W

Mains Voltage - 90 - 240 VAC

DC Voltage to sander - 22 VDC

Speed - 4000 - 10 000 rpm variable

Orbit - 2.5mm - 5.0mm - 8.0mm

Weight - CEROS 650CV 920g & CEROS 550CV 870g

110V lead available for on-site work.

For total dust-free sanding consider using CEROS in conjunction with the highly efficient portable vacuum system - details available in 'Accessories' section.

Suited for

  • Finishing
  • Sanding Veneered Surfaces
  • Hand Sanding