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Conturo KA65

Conturo KA65

Detailed description

 The CONTURO KA 65 edge bander - The basis for the perfect edge. 

The Conturo edge bander allows the simple attachment of edging on anything from rectangular componets, to complex free shapes such as curves , radii, convex and concave shapes. Versatile and easy to operate, the CONTURO represents a geniuine solution for maufacturing individual shaped parts. 


  • Outstanding application versatility 
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect quality finishes 
  • Easy, clean and efficient working process


  •  All edgebanding types ( PVC, ABS, Melamine, Real wood ) 

Technical specification

Requires a maximum inner radius of 50mm, and a minimum outer radius of 25-30 mm ( depending on the edging material and thickness )

Edging heights of 18-65 mm and edging thicknesses of 0.5 - 3.0 mm 

Suited for

  • Edgebanding