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Flexipad Hand Sanding Blocks

Flexipad Hand Sanding Blocks

Detailed description

Hand Sanding Blocks

  • Shaped & double-sided versions.
  • Dual density double sided block to adapt to your production requirements.
  • Hard sanding block available for flat sanding applications.
  • Available in 70 x 125.
  • Discs - hand block for use with either 125mm or 150mm discs (wrap around).

Flexible Round Sanding Pads

  • Adjustable velcro strap for various hand sizes.
  • Very flexible & great for contour applications.
  • Use with velcro abrasive systems.

Profiled Yellow Hand Sanders

  • Polyurethane elastomer foam for excellent oil tearing & ageing resistance.
  • Designed for the perfect hand grip.
  • Suitable for use with velcro abrasive systems.
  • Flexible blocks ideal for convex & concave surfaces.

Hand File

  • 30 x 195 version velcro fitting.
  • Various abrasive grits available to suit application.


Technical specification

Velcro Hand Block

Ref 56005 - double-sided velcro hand block (black)

Ref 56010 - single-sided shaped velcro hand block (black)

Ref 93070 - easy grip shaped single-sided velcro block (yellow)

Ref 93075 - easy grip ergonomic single-sided velcro block (yellow)

Ref 12911 - 125mm easy grip ergonomic velcro block (yellow)

Ref 12910 - 150mm easy grip ergonomic velcro block (yellow)

Ref 56210 - hand file only

Ref 56205 - hand file kit & 3 assorted abrasives.

Suited for

  • Hand Sanding