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Detailed description

New Improved Mirka GOLD is a durable product very well suited for sanding at high speeds. GOLD is an all-round sanding material that can be used for many industrial applications. In order to achieve an optimal sanding result, the semi-open coating & special stearate coatings are designed to prevent clogging & pill forming. New packaging with informative yellow label from Autumn 2011.

Coarser Grit

  • P80 - P180
  • D-Weight Latex Paper
  • Calcium-Based Stearate Coated.
  • Sanding of putty.
  • Removing Lacquers.
  • Aggressive sanding of hard & softwoods.

Finer Grits

  • P220 - P800
  • C-Weight Latex Paper
  • Zinc-Based Stearate Coated.
  • Dry sanding of primers & lacquers.
  • Finer finishing of veneers.
  • Finer finishing of hard & softwoods.

Technical specification

Mirka GOLD

  • Aluminium Oxide Grain
  • Full Resin Progressive Bond
  • Calcium or Zinc-Based Stearate Coating.
  • Semi-Open Coat
  • Colour - GOLD
  • Grit Range - P80 - P800
  • P80 - P180 D-Weight Latex
  • P220 - P800 C-Weight Latex

Available in various forms including discs, sheets & rolls.

Disc Deals - see our Special Offer section for current 150mm GOLD disc or machine/disc deals available from Hallmark Fraulo.

Suited for

  • Hand Sanding
  • Intermediate Sanding
  • Machine Sanding
  • Sanding Solid Wood