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GUPFO Glueminator

GUPFO Glueminator

Detailed description

Quite simply, an ideal solution to dispensing water-based adhesives prone to drying up when exposed to the air. Bench-mounted for ease of use, it is easy to fill with a wide open top with a screw top lid, which ensures the adhesive does not skin over or dry up whilst in use.

Sturdy in design & manufactured from a tough, resilient moulded plastic supplied with a quality glue brush with beech handle for smooth & effective glue coverage into recesses, surfaces, etc. Brush housing has a cover to ensure the brush remains ready for use at all time - for extended periods of use, wash brush regularly to keep brush in prime condition.


  • very easy to fill.
  • very easy to clean.
  • ready for use at all times.
  • suitable for all water-based adhesives.
  • replacement glue brushes available.

Overall an effective addition to workshop & production facilites, allowing minimal wastage of water-based adhesives encountered when using traditional methods of dispensing (i.e. pots, jars & bottles).


Technical specification

Method of Use

  • Ready for use straight out of the box.
  • No assembly required.
  • Remove lid & fill with PVA to required level.
  • Screw lid back on tightly.
  • Remove brush cover.
  • Coat brush with required quantity of glue.
  • After application insert brush back into adhesive.
  • For prolonged periods replace brush cap.
  • Refill adhesive as required during production.

Capacity 1.2 litres

Do not use with solvented adhesives - use only water-based adhesive in unit , otherwise preliminary test have to be made prior to use to ensure its suitability.

Keep away from direct heat sources.

Suited for

  • Glue Application