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Detailed description

1623 is a thermoplastic hot melt developed for edge-banding of more difficult edging materials such as thick solid wood, high pressure laminate & impregnated papers. This is achieved by good flow properties combined with fast melt down, low fume & odour and excellent thermal stability. In addition good heat resistance is demonstrated in the finished product with the majority of edging types, and 1623 can be run on most commercial edge-banders both continuously & intermittently.

Typical Properties

  • Grey/straw coloured prills.
  • No odour at room temperature.
  • Nil cold flow under normal storage conditions.
  • Storage life of 2 years @ 20C.
  • 1.8 Specific Gravity.

Film Characteristics

  • Grey/straw coloured, tough & flexible film.
  • Nil surface tack at room temperature.
  • 150 C heat seal temperature.

Available in 20kg sacks

Technical specification

Running Properties

  • Softening range between 88 - 118 C.
  • Running temperature of 190 - 220 C.
  • Ideally run at 200 C.
  • Viscosity 900P @ 200 C.
  • Slight Odour @ 200 C.
  • Good stability @ 200 C.
  • Open Time - Medium
  • Setting Speed - Fast

Edge Strip Materials - wood, impregnated papers, primed PVC, most decorative laminates, most polyesters, ABS.

Cleaning & Maintenance - use BAMSOLVE cleaner for general maintenance of rollers & machinery parts. For preventative maintenance, use ACMOS 100-5030 release agent to help minimise adherence on pressure rollers, conveyor belts, etc.

Health & Safety - read relevant Material Safety Data Sheets carefully before use.

Suited for

  • Edgebanding