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Klebo Contact Spreader

Klebo Contact Spreader

Detailed description

For clean, quick application of solvent-based contact adhesives, look no further than the hand-held Klebo Contact Glue Spreader. Both skilled & unskilled workers can apply a regular, thin film of adhesive to large or small panels fast & efficiently.

Advantages of the 150mm Klebo Spreader

  • 20-30% savings can be achieved during application when compared with normal hand-applied spatulas.
  • Considerable time saving.
  • Always ready to use.
  • Automatic stopper allows storage of adhesive within unit.
  • No loss of solvent through evaporation whilst in use.
  • 150mm wide with variable width capability.


The Klebo Contact Spreader combines an exchangeable twin spatula that has a fine-toothed side for smooth, solid surfaces or a coarse-toothed side for uneven or highly porous, absorbent surface. Quick & easy to convert!

Suited for

  • Veneering
  • Laminating