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Moldex 7232 Series

Moldex 7232 Series

Detailed description

Series 7232 are ultralight reusable half masks with Easy Lock filtering systems.

Safe & Comfortable

  • Mask body kind to skin, made from soft TPE hypoallergenic material.
  • The head harness evenly distributes the strap force to ensure a safe fit.
  • Drop down harness allows easier handling during breaks.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Easily accessibe components.
  • Clean design.

Easy Lock Filter System

  • Particulate filters can be fitted with either the gas cartridges or direct to mask body.
  • No adaptors or particulate pre-filters required.
  • All combinations possible.
  • No additional parts required.
  • Easy handling.

Technical specification

Moldex Part No. 7232 contains:

1 x Mask Body (M) - Part No.7002

1 x A2P3 R Pre-assembled Easy Lock Filters (x2) - Part No. 9230

Enclosed in a handy plastic re-sealable container for ease of storage, after use


Suited for

  • Respiratory Protection