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Pizzi Hand-Held Applicators

Pizzi Hand-Held Applicators

Detailed description

Pizzi glue applicators are highly efficient hand-held units which facilitate a rapid, even coating of all types of spreadable adhesives including polyvinyl acetate (PVA), two-part urea formaldehyde resin, two-part phenolic resorcinol resins and low viscosity polyurethane adhesives. Not suitable for use with high viscosity (thick) adhesive systems. More suited for use on larger panel production where a rapid coating of adhesive is crucial due to open time (usable life) of some adhesives being realtively short & the need to get veneers or laminates under pressure within a specified time.


  • Provides a regular coating of adhesive and can be varied according to nature of substrates (density/porosity) being bonded.
  • Easy application on curved surfaces.
  • User can achieve glue savings of up to 30% compared to conventional coating with brush or spatula.
  • Increased production output - cvoats larger panels faster & more efficiently.
  • Available in 75mm or 180mm widths.
  • Various rollers available to suit adhesive type - see technical specification below for more details.


Over time, things will wear out and need replacing. Hallmark Fraulo stock a comprehensive range of Pizzi spares including rubber rollers, axles, levers, screws & aluminium roller inserts helping ensure you get the maximum life from your applicator. Please contact our Sales Office for help & assistance.

Technical specification


Grey Rubber Roller 0042- our standard roller for use with all water-based adhesives. The surface is ribbed, poreless and provides a thinner, more controlled spread rate for veneering and standard laminating applications. Due to its closed pore surface, it is very easy to clean and maintain ensuring long life. Remove from unit and wash with warm soapy water removing all glue residue. Do not wring out or twist but allow to drip dry naturally. Avoid damaging the surface as this will allow adhesive to penetrate into the roller causing it to swell. This roller is not acid-proof so do not clean with nitor thinners or solvents of any kind.

Orange Foam Roller 9942- medium density open pore mainly used for PVA application where amount of adhesive applied is not so crucial & where the surfaces are more porous. Wash with warm water thoroughly after use and allow to dry.

Method of use.

Assemble applicators according to Pizzi enclosed instructions & place unit onto stand. Lever must be pushed down before filling trough approximately two-thirds full. Lift from stand and place onto surface. Pull lever up & roll over surface starting around the edge first to ensure adequate coating of edges then work inwards across board, distributing the glue evenly onto the panel. If too much adhesive has been applied in one area, push down on the lever stopping the adhesive and spread excess over the panel more uniformly. Pay particular attention to edges and areas of board that may be more porous or absorbent than normal. It is best practice to wait 30 seconds to check board prior to laying veneers/laminates onto surface to ensure adequate glue coverage. Place unit back on stand. On completion, ensure you do not leave excessive adhesive in unit for prolonged periods of time and clean thoroughly before storing.

Suited for

  • Laminating
  • Veneering