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Detailed description

Purocol is a one-component, ready to use, transparent polyurethane-based construction adhesive.


  • Professional quality.
  • Transparent.
  • Fast Curing.
  • Gap filling properties & suitable for uneven surfaces.
  • Waterproof to D4.
  • Solvent Free.


  • Interior applications with frequent long term exposure to running or condensed water.
  • Exterior applications with exposure to all types of weather.
  • Door & window frame construction elements.
  • Bonding of insulation materials (including polystyrene).

Available in 310ml single cartridges or 12 per unit.

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Technical specification

Typical Properties

  • Polyurethane base.
  • Moisture curing.
  • Open time around 15 minutes.
  • Clamping time around 3 hours.
  • Temperature resistance from -30C to +100C after curing.
  • Water resistance to D4 (DIN EN204).
  • 100% solid content.
  • Solvent Free.
  • Shelf lIfe 12 months in unopened packaging.

Surfaces - use on various porous & non-porous substrates such as wood, concrete, bricks & other common materials in the construction industry. Surfaces must be clean, free of dust & greases. Lightly moisten the surfaces to enhance gap filling properties & cure rate.

Application - apply adhesive with manual or pneumatic caulking gun to one surface. Join parts within 15 minutes & clamp for minimum time of 3 hours to acheive maximum bond strength.

See Soudal Swipex cleaning wipes for removal of residual adhesive from hands & surfaces.

Suited for

  • External Frames
  • External Joinery