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SICA FINE Stearate

Detailed description

Mirka SICA FINE Stearate is a product especially developed for denibbing of lacquers. SICA FINE Stearate produces a high-quality surface finish, where the end result after surface treatment with a top lacquer, for example will be perfect. Even further use of lacquers will offer optimal coverage. The product is fully anti-static, which minimises the dust load.


  • Top-coated lacquer finishing.
  • Denibbing of all types of finishes.


  • Provides optimal surface results.
  • Dimensionally stable in use.
  • Fully Anti-Static Product.
  • Stearate Coated.

Technical specification

Mirka SICA FINE Stearate

  • Silicon Carbide Grain.
  • Full Resin Bonded + Stearate Coating.
  • E-Weight Anti-Static Backing.
  • Semi-Open Coat.
  • Colour - Grey
  • Grit Range from P240 - P800

Available in formats:

  • Wide Belts.
  • Narrow Belts.

Suited for

  • Denibbing Lacquered Surfaces